About me

I have more than 15 years' HR experience first from Maersk, where my HR toolbox was founded and developed, and where I started as HR Assistant and ended as Team Leader, then as Head of HR with FORCE Technology, and from a number of companies I have assisted as external consultant. My experience stretches from operation and recruitment over projects to leadership and strategy, and I have had my hands on practically all HR disciplines so there is not much I have not tried before - and in different processes and systems.

Trying the life of an external consultant where the place of work, assignments, scope, colleagues, leadership, processes, culture etc. change regularly was something I wanted to experience - for a while. But it is a perfect match! The variation demands that I use my entire experience and that my tools stay shiny and sharp and never go rusty.

I find it very rewarding to step in and help to close a gap and to make a thorough handover when the assignment has been completed. On top of that, I get the opportunity to familiarise myself with different industries and different companies' culture, values, processes, priorities, challenges, solutions etc., and I am privileged to work with competent people with whom I can spar and from whom I can learn. This sends me to my next assignment richer.

Whereever the assignment is, I will be. This means that my job takes me around the country, and I have been on assignment in e.g. Greater Copenhagen area, Nakskov, Aalborg, Middelfart, Kolding, Holstebro, Esbjerg, Lund (Sweden).


People Test Logik (PTL)

People Test Person (PTP)

Predictive Index (PI)

Facilitator of 6 Thinking Hats

Green Belt


Examples of my assignments

Interim leader

Establishing employee handbook and policies

A-Z recruitment on all levels and for all functions, including specialists in e.g. IT, finance, technology

Project leader in process optimisation project

HR Business Partner

HR operational tasks

Heidi Gjerløv í Dali Hansen Sct. Jørgensgade 21 4200 Slagelse heidi@idalihr.dk +45 2014 2871

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